Monday, 30 November 2015

Wine of the Week : 2012 Bachelder Minéralité

Every wine I have tasted of Bachelder, I have enjoyed. Very much. Although I made a couple attempts to get in touch with him before, the first time I met Thomas Bachelder was this past November at Le Grande Degustation in Montreal.  I had loads of questions prepared - but I didn't need them.  Super down to earth, and eager to connect, this guy started talking and didn't stop for the whole half hour during the interview.  "How did it all start ?", was the only question asked. I could have listened to him all day. And who could forget the neon pink socks this guy was sporting? Man of his own mind.  

Medium gold in color. On the nose, this wine gives way to lots of citrus -  lemon lime, and white fruit such as pear.  There is an oak presence of dough and fresh made bread.  Intertwined is the nuance of white flowers - a touch of chamomile....endearing.... On the palate, the bright acidity supported by the medium plus intensity of citrus fruit makes your lips smack. Lots of candied lemon, mouth watering honeyed wet stone. Salty. Medium bodied, the oak is present and plays a very important supporting role, but it does not take away from the other elements of the wine.  There is cream and a little butter- but not too much.  The finish was pleasing and medium plus in length.  This is a very good wine for the price.  

Wine: 2012 Minéralité 
Producer: Bachelder
Variety: Chardonnay
Price: $23.25
SAQ code :  12610025
Buy again: YES

Monday, 23 November 2015

2012 Freestyle Rouge

2012 Freestyle Rouge LeDomaine Gayda.

This last minute grab at the SAQ in Sept - Îles was surprising. I could easily spend hours there - looking at the hundreds of possibilities, wondering what lies inside the bottle, what grub I could cook up to be served along side of it. Time was not my friend that afternoon so I had all of 5 minutes to chose something, pay, and catch the boat to the Coast. I tell friends to never ever buy a wine based on a label, but this one caught my attention. Dude jumping into the sky? Cool! Certified organic? Ok. Blend of 4 different varieties from Pays d'Oc?! Done.

I opened it up a few hours before dinner to allow some time for the wine to breathe.  I also needed a cup of it for the braised beef, so it was a perfect compliment to meal. 

Medium purple in colour with a touch of a ruby hue, legs were thin but slow. On the nose , the wine displayed medium intensity spicy dark plum and dark ripe cherries. Pretty. On the palate , there was medium acidity - not flabby at all. Refreshing. Plenty of blackberry and plum fruit, spice, oak presence - meshed with tannin that allowed for interesting texture. Medium bodied and medium in alcohol. The finish was a tad short for me , but this was a super wine.  Easy to knock back with or without food. Clean, lovely.  I regret not throwing another one in my cart.  

Wine: Freestyle Rouge 2012
Producer: Le Domaine Gayda
Varieties: Syrah (40%), Grenache Noir (30%), Carignan (20%), Mourvèdre (10%).
Alcohol: 13%
Price: $22
SAQ code :  12489536 
Buy again: YES

I served a Braised Beef and Oka cheese Sheperd's Pie

 Sautéed Brussels sprouts with bacon and maple syrup.