Monday, 23 November 2015

2012 Freestyle Rouge

2012 Freestyle Rouge LeDomaine Gayda.

This last minute grab at the SAQ in Sept - Îles was surprising. I could easily spend hours there - looking at the hundreds of possibilities, wondering what lies inside the bottle, what grub I could cook up to be served along side of it. Time was not my friend that afternoon so I had all of 5 minutes to chose something, pay, and catch the boat to the Coast. I tell friends to never ever buy a wine based on a label, but this one caught my attention. Dude jumping into the sky? Cool! Certified organic? Ok. Blend of 4 different varieties from Pays d'Oc?! Done.

I opened it up a few hours before dinner to allow some time for the wine to breathe.  I also needed a cup of it for the braised beef, so it was a perfect compliment to meal. 

Medium purple in colour with a touch of a ruby hue, legs were thin but slow. On the nose , the wine displayed medium intensity spicy dark plum and dark ripe cherries. Pretty. On the palate , there was medium acidity - not flabby at all. Refreshing. Plenty of blackberry and plum fruit, spice, oak presence - meshed with tannin that allowed for interesting texture. Medium bodied and medium in alcohol. The finish was a tad short for me , but this was a super wine.  Easy to knock back with or without food. Clean, lovely.  I regret not throwing another one in my cart.  

Wine: Freestyle Rouge 2012
Producer: Le Domaine Gayda
Varieties: Syrah (40%), Grenache Noir (30%), Carignan (20%), Mourvèdre (10%).
Alcohol: 13%
Price: $22
SAQ code :  12489536 
Buy again: YES

I served a Braised Beef and Oka cheese Sheperd's Pie

 Sautéed Brussels sprouts with bacon and maple syrup.


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