Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wine of the Week: Jean Foillard Beaujolais 2013

When things get quiet in my house, it usually is a sign that a certain little someone is up to something no good….and sure enough the whiff of soil hit me before the sight of the mess did.  Jake had uprooted the plant and the proudest smile spread across his face as I let out a few chosen words. Dirt. Everywhere. Floor, walls, clothes, and right in his mouth too.  

Mmmmm dirt. Forest floor, leaves, earth….sound familiar?  It does to me and I have to hand it to Jake: twenty months old and this kid was already studying the flavours and aromas of wine before he could even talk.  Smart little bugger…

 A few hours later, I found myself tasting on a vibrant, juicy, lovely little Beaujolais from Jean Foillard and admittedly, the label caught my eye.  A lady sporting a bright ruby red sweater, which coincidentally is pretty much the same colour as the wine.   Cheeky idea…. En français, beau gilet means nice sweater…. beau gilet, Beaujolais, whatever…the wine was bursting with charm and performs in the same way that nice sweater should; giving warmth, comfort, and pleasantries

Personally, I love the label and I was right pleased to discover that réZin (the agency that represents Foillard) designed it themselves because the cuvée was made especially for them by Foillard himself.  réZin was looking for an entry level Beaujolais that would appeal to Quebec - a wine that would be at a decent price point, but by no means lack in style, flavour or grace.  Foillard buys in the grapes but makes sure to keep the same high quality standards that he does for all of his wines.  Made in small quantities and the usual Beaujolais method, where grapes undergo carbonic maceration, he presented a cuvée that is a true expression of the grape with as little intervention as possible in the vineyard and in the cellar. 

It’s not often that a producer will make a wine with a particular audience in mind. It goes to show the trust and tight bond that is between Foillard and réZin, and evermore so speaks volumes about the palate and the savvy wine culture we have here in Montreal.  Foillard knows the wine will be enjoyed here and therefore agreed to go through the trouble of making it. Although,  it may not be so much trouble as welcomed extra work seeing as it is the second year it has been on SAQ shelves.  On my end, the wine is opening up quite nicely.  It is bright, delicious, and vibrant, much like Jake. 
My wine of the week is Jean Foillard Beaujolais 2013

Medium ruby red in color with legs that run thin and fast.  The nose is very generous with notes of raspberry, red currant, and blueberries accented by earth.  
Fresh and vibrant on the palate, there is ample fruit that reflects the nose.   Plenty of  crunchy currants, strawberry, red cherries with an earthy edge.  Tannins are soft grained and delicate, adding a lovely texture, with a bright acidity that leaves a lasting impression.  The delicious finish shows an expressive pleasing length.  Drink now.  

Wine & Producer: Jean Foillard Beaujolais 2013
Grape: Gamay
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $23.25
SAQ Code: 12454958

Agent: réZin

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