Thursday, 18 July 2013

CHEESUS CHRIST - I'm in Heaven.....


And the smell is wonderful. 

As you enter, ‘a picket fence’ of wine bottles surrounds you, and the ‘lush pasture’ of the green cushion seats with small tables line the right side of the room .  Towards the back is a big white swing – the kind you always dreamed of having on the front porch of your home.  The family size table in front it makes it an ideal spot for guests to gather around to eat and drink to their heart’s content.  To the left , the pièce de résistance -  a bar lined with 100 plus different types of cheese from all over the world.  The genius behind Milk the Cow Fromagerie and Wine Bar is run by Daniel Verheyen. and Laura Lown.  Still relatively new, this outstanding little eatery serves up any kind of cheese you can imagine with a funky little wine list to match.  The décor is done in just the right way to represent a farm – brilliant work Dan!

Anyone walking into a Fromagerie can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice one has when ordering cheese.  Laura is the star cheese monger at Milk the Cow – with much experience under her belt, she is able to answer any questions you have, or steer you in the right direction towards the style of cheese you love or are curious about. Her passion shines on as she goes through the vast array of cheese on display.  You can take your cheese and wine to go, or sit and relax for a bit and try out their fabulous flight menus.  Guests can choose between a wine, beer or spirit flight matched perfectly with the monger’s choice..  Starting at $16 a head, it’s fantastic value for money and a great opportunity to try different things.  Or maybe an individual size fondue is more your thing when it’s chilly outside?

The fromagerie's focus is to have old country hospitality in the heart of Melbourne, while  serving top quality cheese and wine.  The whole team is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and warm.  

Oh and did I mention I have just started working there?  Starting off as a trial, I hope to be working full time as their new waitress/sommelier.  I doubt it can get any better – the staff there are so amazing and patient with me as they explain how things work in their establishment. Lovely Ella goes through the different cheese boards they have on display; Andy, the fiery Scotsman from Edinburgh whips up delicious cocktails (most garnished with cheese); Vanessa, who is the media/events coordinator can present a dish with such elegance and suave she will have your mouth watering even before your plate hits the table ; Andrew  who is very passionate about his work gives me pointers no how to serve, and John (better known as Juan) has a contagious smile as he sweeps through the place with style and grace.

I have so much to learn, but at the moment I am simply loving it.  Who wouldn’t be – being surrounded by cheese and wine all day?  This is fantastic for my resume – not so great for my waistline.  At any rate, I intend to shine and do my best here.   Besides tasting and doing some research on their wine list, I also have to be familiar with the different cheese the fromagerie sells.  A Meredith Chevre with a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc perhaps? A Fourme D’Ambert with a lovely glass of whiskey?  Or how about some mimolette with a tasty stout?  I will GLADLY learn about cheese, their tasting profiles and origins – thank you very much. 

The glowing team Milk the Cow has an original concept specializing in something unique, enjoyable, and equally delicious -  no doubt it will be the key to their success.  I am one lucky gal to have found this place and I hope I can continue to work hard, impress, and bring something to the table that will awaken everyone's wine and cheese-loving side.

Please take a look at their website to check out their menu, upcoming events, and the story behind Milk the Cow. 

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